One stop app for all information related to US citizenship and immigration services. We provide following features in this app :

  1. Find status of your case using status finder.
  2. Automatic notification using case tracker.
  3. Shortcut to important tools and services of USCIS
  4. New Canada and Australia Visa status/information features along with the US Visa
  5. Get current news about what’s going on in the world regarding your specific visa
  6. Get access to Digital Geenie’s blogs and become more informed than ever

The following evolutionary features will be provided using analytics :

1. Acceptance and rejection rates based on tracking user case status.
2. Duration of case life cycle completion
3. Timelines for each stage in case life cycle
4. Rejection reasons and projections.

Check out blogs related to immigration in our Digital Nomad section.

Read our privacy policy for Visa Buddy.

Try this app at :



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