I am Abhinav, software developer with around six years of development. In this span of time, I have been part of full life cycle development of a software modernization application and connected vehicle solution.

My interests in software development have evolved from primarily server-side Java to almost all parts of the development process (requirements, use cases, documentation, test strategy, project management).

I believe in the motto of democratizing technology and I am committed to building a democratic digital world where technology is accessible to everyone and makes life easier for one and all. I have worked on volunteer projects to further this cause which includes apps for consumer court, US immigration, and location-aware vehicles.


I am Anirudh, software developer with around four years of industry experience in which I have worked with cutting edge technologies in Java, AEM and Android. Currently, I am working with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) with GSPANN Technologies, Inc. This job includes working to fulfill development requirements provided by the customer by creating both Frontend and Backend development