At the dawn of new digital age, the physical existence will co-exist with a digital avatar for the entire creation. The fusion of the physical with digital will usher a new community of digital beings. The “Internet of Things” popularly known as IoT will embark humanity on a journey of connected devices an extension of our own existence.

Sensitive machines: The machines which were tools in the old age will assume the role of assistants, colleagues, friends and even boss in the new digital age. IoT will empower the machines with the power of expression. The sensors will germinate profusely and spread over the entire landscape with power and dimensions far beyond human perception.

The machines with the ability to express will produce oceans of data. We will know the state of everything around us. The palpitating heart, count of steps, health of car, quality of air, purity of water, the age of appliances, fatigue of machines and myriad of different types of data. The question we have to ask ourselves, what will we do when we know so much about our space ??
Cognitive intelligence: The sensitive machines with artificial intelligence such as visual perception, speech recognition, language translation and decision making will be capable of performing tasks we never envisioned while creating them. ‘Smart’ will be the de facto prefix for all digital identities. We will stay in ‘Smart’ homes, drive ‘Smart’ cars, operate ‘Smart phones’, recharge ‘Smart’ meters, deploy ‘Smart’ grids and live in ‘Smart’ cities.

The smart cars will talk to each other to drive efficiently, alert the garage on arrival, perform self -diagnostic check and share health report. The smart grid will share the electricity optimally, smart meters will send digital meter readings and smart appliances will save power. The smart AC will inform you about depleted air filters and even send a request to the service center for repair.

The human intervention in maintaining and controlling machines will reduce to an extent of ordering using voice commands or instructing using text messages.

Omnipresent Clouds: The oceans of data produced by new digital population will need a fat belly and powerful digestion engine to produce insightful perspective about managing life in new digital age. The cloud data centers powered with super computational powers will be leveraged by connected digital beings for leading a ‘Smart’ lifestyle.

The anticipation from cloud to take in vapors and bring down rain to support life will be equivalent from ‘Smart’ clouds to take in data and bring down useful information to manage life in a ‘Smart’ city.

New Digital Identity: In the new digital space the classification between living and non-living will be diluted to a single digital identity. The ‘Smart’ interconnected machines will disrupt almost all aspects of human functioning which includes healthcare, finance, education, driving and socializing.

The digital community will experience social networking at a new level. The modern chatting platform groups will have complete digital family including our cars, appliances with an ability to remotely connect with them. Bits 0/1 will be the new universal language that will connect one and all. Machines and humans will come together at all levels to accomplish goals at scales never imagined before. The operating efficiency of ‘Smart’ machines boosted with creative ingenuity of human beings will push the boundary of limitations.


Evolution of Internet of Things: Internet evolved with the development of ARPANET to send a message from one destination to another. During the maturity of computers from personal machines to handheld devices, the internet became the collective consciousness of the entire world.

The World Wide Web, influenced the global community, disrupted social networking, elevated human knowledge and changed the rules of the game for human organizations. It brought the world closer.

With billions of digital beings added to this interconnected mesh, the power of connectivity will assert it’s influence more than ever in new digital space. The ‘Smart’ machines will manage our lives, leaving time for us to focus on more complex problems.

The ‘Smart’ machines looking after our survival will allow us to afford time for diving into our consciousness and working on our well being. The ‘Smart’ machines in the new ‘Smart’ world will serve humanity to embrace self-realization and strive for enlightenment. The future leaves the onus on us to either evolve into ‘Super’ beings or get overwhelmed by the newly found digital consciousness.

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